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World development


TWF aims to provide funding to organisations to build the basis of sustainable prosperity in low-income countries.  TWF is committed to providing support that will be used in a sustainable way with lasting impact, and which avoids promoting a culture of aid-dependency. All grant applicants should be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their approach, and show how they align with the Foundation’s priorities. 

TWF supports four principal themes of work to help achieve this goal:

  • SRH: improving sexual and reproductive health services
  • Nutrition: addressing micronutrient deficiencies
  • Education: improving access to high-quality education
  • WASH: providing sustained access to safe water and sanitation services and promoting good hygiene practices

TWF’s World Development Fund has two grant programmes:

  • Main Grants are given to large, established organisations working at a regional or national scale that can demonstrate the sustained impact of their programmes. We are currently accepting applications to our Main Grants Programme only within the fields of SRH and Nutrition.
  • Small Grants are given to smaller organisations who are delivering projects on a more localised scale. We are accepting applications for Small Grants in the fields of SRH, Nutrition, Education, and WASH.

Further information on our geographical and thematic priorities can be found in the ‘About the Programme’ section of this website. Please do read the relevant pages to determine your eligibility, prior to looking at our Application Guidelines section. We receive many more strong applications than we are able to support, and are only able to consider applications that fit with one of our four principle themes and that meet our eligibility criteria.



It is not our intention to provide financial support to organisations seeking to alleviate the suffering resulting from high-profile natural or man-made disasters, including the delivery of food aid or shelter. The focus of TWF’s World Development Fund remains on long-term social and economic development.
We will not consider applications for grants in the following areas:

  • the promotion of religious or political causes
  • general appeals or circulars.





Last updated Wednesday 22 November, 2023