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The Foundation has been able to support our philanthropic aims not just through grant giving but also through the allocation of our investment funds. 

We have been able to support the transfer of some assets into microfinance funds and renewable energy funds, meeting the objectives of our World Development and Environment goals.  We have also been able to support initiatives in Wales, through support for specific enterprises and a venture fund supporting new business growth. 

Examples include:


World Development

Triodos Microfinance – providing support to help develop an inclusive financial sector in developing countries, to extend access to financial services.

Root Capital – loan support to assist the growth of small and medium enterprises in the agricultural sector in Africa.

responsAbility Global Microfinance – one of the world’s leading social investment companies, which supports the growth of over 200 microfinance institutions.

Actis Africa Real Estate – equity support to an emerging markets private equity firm, which has a focus on the growing markets in Africa to support the development of retail and office developments.



Hudson Clean Energy – equity support for a leading private equity firm investing in the dynamic and high-growth clean energy industry, with a particular focus on renewable power, alternative fuels and energy smart technologies.

WHEB Ventures – equity support for a resource efficiency specialist investor providing both venture and growth stage equity funding.

Thrive Renewables – equity support to provide equity financing for small to medium-scale renewable energy projects, including wind farms and hydro-electric schemes.



Alacrity Foundation - seed capital funding for graduate entrepreneurship training programmes.  Based in Newport, the programme is working with promising young engineering and business graduates to build successful technology companies.





Last updated Wednesday 22 November, 2023