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Child Development - RESEARCH


Active Calls and Deadlines for Research Projects


We aim to make the final decision at our Trustees’ meeting around five months after the deadlines below. Please ensure you visit our research page and information for applicants page to get a good feel for the type of research in which we are interested.

Please note there are no strict deadlines for dissemination or intervention projects: applications will be accepted throughout the year. If you are interested in applying to these programmes please visit our dissemination and intervention projects page for more information.

We like to keep our research calls as open as possible to ensure we are keeping on top of the most relevant research happening in each area, but we also have specific funding priorities as indicated below. Please visit our ‘Should I Apply?’ page for more information regarding the type of applications we hope to fund.

Please note that our Rolandic Epilepsy call is now open all year round – we encourage anyone interested in this call to email or call us for a chat. Our specific interests in this call are detailed in the table below.




Trustees’ meeting /  Decision

Motor Impairments – in this call we are particularly interested in motor difficulties in children with neurodevelopmental conditions. This may be dyspraxia or low motor ability within other neurodevelopmental conditions as well.

Studies will be particularly welcomed that cover one of two areas:

  1. improving our understanding of the aetiology of motor difficulties (this could include brain imaging, improved phenotyping, genetic or epigenetic studies). Inclusion of EEG measures and consideration of possible co-occurrence with Rolandic Epilepsy is particularly desirable and, as always, studies that consider co-occurrence with other neurodevelopmental disorders; or
  2. explore effective interventions (those that also include links to our other research interests would be particularly sought after for example sleep, diet, exercise/movement).

Deadline for short initial applications: Midnight October 29th 2023

Successful applications informed by November 10th 2023

Full applications due: Midnight December 3rd 2023

Final decision: March 2024

We will be accepting applications for two separate topics for this grant call:

Diet and/or Microbiome

Studies will be particularly welcomed that consider the following areas:

  1. Microbiome and neurodevelopment in children (gut-brain axis and childhood)
  2. Neurodevelopmental Disorders and the gut: Studies using high-quality databases or supporting large collaborative or longitudinal studies are highly sought after, Possible tie-ins with PUFAs or sleep deprivation also of interest
  3. The impacts of micronutrients and fatty acids during Pregnancy and the effect on infant gut or neurodevelopment
  4. The impacts of breastmilk on infant microbiome and brain development in premature infants

Deadline for short initial applications likely Spring 2024

The Neurodiverse Brain


Physical Activity

Funding streams paused whilst we complete a review