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Although the funding priorities for TWF are the Environment and World Development, the original founders of the Foundation live and work in Wales. To support our local community, we have allocated funding to three important issues: 



Applications are open:
Until the end of October 2014, for allocation in early 2015;
Until the end of March 2015, for allocation in mid 2015; and
Until the end of July 2015, for allocation in late 2015.


Why we want to help:

The 2011 Census showed that the number of people providing unpaid care for disabled, sick or elderly relatives and loved ones has risen substantially in the last decade. It reveals Wales still has the highest percentage of residents who are providing care compared with any region in England.1

Census data released in early December 2012 reveals that the number of carers increased from 5.2 million to 5.8 million in England and Wales between 2001 and 2011. The greatest rise has been among those providing over 20 hours care – the point at which caring starts to significantly impact on the health and wellbeing of the carer, and their ability to hold down paid employment alongside their caring responsibilities.


What we will support: 

The Caring Wales funding programme is open to applications from organisations working to support unpaid carers, especially young carers and carers of people with the conditions prioritised in our Child Development research fund. The strongest applications to this fund have been from organisations that:

  • provide a range of carer-centred support services,
  • demonstrate strong links with other projects, interventions, organisations and services to ensure a holistic family support approach,
  • are outcomes-focused, and can measure and evaluate changes to their beneficiaries’ circumstances using meaningful monitoring methods
  • ensure participation of service users in shaping their services,
  • reach a substantial number of individuals, whilst:
    • proactively identifying and working with the most isolated and vulnerable carers, and
    • offering sufficient and meaningful levels of support.

Click here for projects supported under Caring Wales



Not currently accepting unsolicited applications


Why we want to help: 

When the UK economy was expanding, Wales continued to be the least prosperous region of the UK, with economic activity lower than the UK average.  On top of this, the Welsh labour market has been affected slightly more by the recession than the rest of the UK, experiencing relatively large falls in its employment rate during the first third quarter of 2008 and second and third quarters of 2009 (source: The Welsh Labour Market Following the Great Recession, WISERD).

At the same time, any cushioning effect from the high level of public sector employment in Wales is rapidly diminishing due to central budget cuts with recent figures suggesting the loss of 10,000 jobs as a result.

We therefore provide funding to a small number of targeted initiatives that help people set up businesses or gain permanent paid employment. Please note that we are not currently accepting unsolicited applications to this fund.

Click here for projects supported under Working Wales.


Community energy in wales

Open to applications year-round


Why we want to help:

The problems of climate change, and rising fuel and energy costs can be partly tackled using renewable energy systems. Wales has a wealth of natural resources with potential for clean, renewable energy generation. Communities that choose to produce their own energy can often generate a surplus, resulting in savings and income which can then be invested into community development projects.


What we will support: 

We understand that different technologies have different benefits – communities need to be sure which is most appropriate and effective solution for them. We will therefore provide small amounts of funding for early-stages, feasibility studies, technical assistance etc. for renewable energy projects benefiting communities in Wales. The average grant available under this programme is £5-10k.

Click here for Community Energy projects supported in Wales.



Although there is no upper or lower limit to our support, awards made under the Caring Wales programme typically range from £5,000 - £25,000; and £5,000 - £10,000 for the Community Energy programme

Applications from organisations whose primary activity is in the following areas are not eligible:

  • the arts
  • animal welfare
  • heritage
  • general health
  • groups with specific agendas (political, religious).

1 - Source: reveals major rise in numbers of unpaid family carers’




Last updated Wednesday 10 September, 2014