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Child development


Within our Child Development Fund, we are interested in the psychological and behavioural development of our children, and particularly in certain neurodevelopmental conditions and the factors that influence them.  To that end we fund:

For 2022/2023 we have calls for research projects that focus on one of five themes
relating to child development: Rolandic Epilepsy, ADHD, Motor Impairment, Sleep and or exercise and Diet and/or the microbiome.

We are currently inviting applications for research funding into two different topics: Diet/Microbiome and Rolandic Epilepsy and look forward to supporting projects that complement our research interests in these areas. As always, we remain particularly interested in research related to neurodevelopmental disorders and their co-occurrence. For more information about the specifics of this call please visit our deadlines page.

**Please note there is a change in the maximum funding level (£65k with an allowance of up to £80k for studies with particularly high material costs). For more information regarding the new application procedure, please visit our application guidelines page **

We also fund some non-research practical projects, including

and to a lesser extent

  • Practical projects (applications accepted all year). This year, we are particularly interested in practical and policy projects supporting later class start times for teenagers.

Some examples of organisations which TWF has provided grant support to can be found here. Some useful publications and web links relating to the Child Development fund can be found here. Please note the application procedures for both Dissemination and Practical projects remains unchanged to previous years.