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Child development


Fund re-opening in SEPTEMBER 2016:


Thank you for your continued interest in our Child Development funding stream, which is currently closed to new applications. While we had hoped to re-open the fund in Spring 2016, sadly this will not be possible at the present time. The Foundation remains interested in and ready to support work in the important and ever-changing field of neurodevelopmental conditions. This decision does not reflect a change in the level of our interest, or indeed any concern about the quality of our applications. Instead, we have made this considered decision on the basis of staff capacity.

We are currently in the process of recruiting a Fund Manager to manage this programme for the Foundation in the long term, and are hopeful of securing a person in post by September 2016. The fund will therefore remain closed until this post is filled.

Approaching our first decade, this is an exciting time for the Foundation and the Child Development Fund. 

If you think you might be the person to take on the challenge of developing this exciting and translational research fund and would like to apply, please take a look at our Current Vacancies page.

In the meantime, we would invite you to visit the ‘Where else can we get funding’? page of our website for information on other funders.

The Trustees and staff of the Waterloo Foundation thank you for your patience with us during this period, and we very much look forward to re-opening the Fund later in the year. For now, we wish you the very best and hope to hear from you again once the Child Development Fund is back to business as usual.





Last updated Sunday 21 August, 2016