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World development



When TWF began providing grants in 2007, Enterprise Development was a significant focus of the Foundation.  Examples of organisations which the Foundation has previously supported under our Enterprise Development programme can be found here.

The support that TWF provided included soft loans to help the growth of individual enterprises, as well as grants to support livelihood and skills training programmes.
More recently, we have been able to provide support for microfinance institutions and enterprise development programmes through investments made from our investment funds.  More information can be found here.



Currently within our Enterprise Development programme, TWF will only accept funding proposals from new grant applicants for income-generating projects within the areas of apiculture and sustainable aquaculture.

Applicants must be able to provide evidence from previous projects which you have undertaken, or provide a clear business plan, that demonstrates the proposed enterprise or income-generating programme should become profitable. 

To find out how to apply for funding, click here.





Last updated Sunday 21 August, 2016