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World development



Thank you for your interest in our World Development funding stream.  Unfortunately both our World Development (Main Grants) and World Development Small Grants programmes are temporarily closed to new applications.

Over the summer period 2016 we will not be accepting new applications for these funds, whilst we appoint a new staff member to lead our international development work.  

We will be happy to receive new applications from 1st November 2016 onwards.  However we envisage that we will have a large number of applications to look through when the fund re-opens, so please bear with us whilst we process them.  The Trustees and staff of the Waterloo Foundation thank you for your patience with us during this period, and we very much look forward to re-opening the Fund later in the year.


About the programme

TWF aims to support organisations which help the economically disadvantaged build the basis of sustainable prosperity.  TWF is committed to providing support to developing countries which will be used in a sustainable way with lasting impact, and which avoids promoting a culture of aid-dependency. All grant applicants should be able to demonstrate the sustained impact of their programmes, and show how they meet the Foundation’s objectives. 

TWF currently supports two principle themes of work to help achieve this goal:

TWF has also supported enterprise development and income-generating activities, although this is not currently a main priority of our grant programme.

TWF supports organisations working in a variety of developing countries, in particular in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.  Further information on our geographical areas of priority can be found here.

The majority of TWF’s World Development funds are given to large, established organisations working at a regional scale that can demonstrate the sustained impact of their programmes. TWF does also provide funding in the form of small grants to organisations which work within our funding priorities but at a smaller scale. Some examples of organisations which TWF has provided with Main Grant and Small Grant support can be found here.

Some useful publications and web links relating to international development can be found here



It is not our intention to fund projects with a principle aim to deliver increased access to improved health care.  Whilst TWF recognises the importance of improving health outcomes in developing countries, we believe that there are already a number of very large trusts and foundations which have made this a priority of their work.

It is also not our intention to provide financial support to organisations seeking to alleviate the suffering resulting from high-profile natural or man-made disasters, including the delivery of food aid or shelter.





Last updated Sunday 21 August, 2016