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Child development



We love to support the dissemination of knowledge and best practice to children and their carers, and to related professionals. These grants are smaller than our research funding, and grants are typically up to £10,000, although applications for larger awards will be considered in special circumstances. This dissemination can be either by researchers themselves or by support groups, and could take the form of:

  • Website development
  • Helplines
  • Newsletters
  • Conferences, either sponsorship of or attendance at.

However, we are unlikely to wish to be the sole funder of any such support, so it will be important that you demonstrate what your own fundraising efforts have been and how we can augment your success. We will also consider how cost-effective your plans are.

For examples of dissemination projects the Child Development Fund has previously supported, please click here. To apply for a grant for a project relating to dissemination of knowledge, click here to go to the applications page for practical and dissemination projects.





Last updated Monday 19 March, 2018